Coming Soon..

Coming Soon..

Information about what we are currently doing will be published on these pages.Italy 180 small

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  1. Prati Bruno and Elsbeth

    Hallo Julia

    Do you remember us? After your help and phonecall to Evi and Carlos we spent some wonderful days at Nizza Montferratoat their place up the hills.. Beautyful, marvellous, great and lovely people. Thank you so very much for your help.
    With great interest we read about your place, how is it going on?
    When will you be able to open, we would be gladly coming with friends.

    Would be nice to hear from you.

    with warm greetings from Switzerland

    Bruno and Elsbeth

    1. Julia Gilmour

      Hi to you both
      Thankyou for your message we did wonder if everything was OK. We were really pleased to be able to help.
      Sorry it has taken a little time to reply we have been very busy. I was thinking of going to Govone tomorrow for lunch and immediately thought of you. I am glad you are finding my stories interesting during the week I posted one about the garden which is my passion. Ian thinks I maybe a little obsessed with it but what a wonderful way to spend the time.
      I have many many more stories to tell so please keep reading.
      We have actually nearly completed the ground floor, and are waiting now for the cement to be put on the first floor, we are hoping to be open in 2017, It has been a long journey but interesting and enjoyable if not a little trying at times. I think the best description is character building. It will be really nice to meet you again in the future.
      Our Kindest regards Julia

  2. Kate

    Hi Julia – we met yesterday as you were hopping from cafe to cafe in Nizza… I’ve just started reading your blog, which is lovely.

    Hope our paths cross again sometime.

    All best wishes


  3. Julia Gilmour

    Hi Kate
    Thankyou for the message hope you enjoy the blog , I enjoy writing stories about our life here, no doubt you will have many similar experiences.
    Hope your sons arm is soon better, at least we do have very good hospitals in this area.
    I am sure we will meet again sometime.
    Take care Julia

  4. Martin Verhoeks

    Dear Julia, my name is Martin Verhoeks and I heard about your blog from my real estate agent from Mombercelli( we drove past your property). We ( my partner Jennifer Murray and I) were looking at a property in your area- a house behind the church in Belveglio( presently owned by a lawyer from Munich I understand). We liked the property and see potential in developing the remaining portion yet undeveloped if that is an option( we have two friends, which includes a geometra looking at it this afternoon). I would be really interested hearing how life is in the Belveglio area. Would you choose the same area again? Is there a good infrastructure without having to drive for miles( basic shops, restaurants etc.)? Judging from what I read in your blog, it is possible to find reliable and reasonable workers. Are you familiar with the property we are looking at and- if so- do you have any input that could be helpful in making a decision?We are living in Canada and are looking at the property as our main living space with a return to Canada just for about 3-4 months in the Summer( renting the property on AirBnB in that period). I know it might be a bit much to ask from one stranger to another, but any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated and – should all work out- we hope to meet you in person! With kind regards, Martin

    1. Julia Gilmour

      Hi Martin absolutely no problem contacting me, are you on Facebook if so go to Casa del Roseto my Italian dream you will see lots of info on that site we can also contact each other better. This site I set up a few years ago it did not get the following I had hoped so I changed to Facebook. Where are you staying in this area if so we can certainly get together and I would be able to answer your questions. I do work I am an English teacher at secondary schools. So if we can find a time ok for all. If you don’t mind I will contact you via your email address. Julia


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