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Once we had decided on the Nizza monferrato area the great search began.
our first experience was learning how to work with Italian estate agents or rather Piemontese estate agents. we soon found that they did not have any information sheets, decent pictures or even descriptions of the property we were supposedly viewing.In fact we were quite lucky to extract the price from them which on occasions changed during our visit. When we did show interest in one particular property we suddenly found the estate agent became unsure that the owner really did want to sell and at another we found ourselves with only half of the property we were expecting – this can be due to the property having several owners, inheritance law here makes for complications because the property can pass down many generations and family members with some houses split between several owners.

They also have preconceived ideas that all foreigners want to live on the edge of a precipice looking at spectacular views from dizzy heights in pure isolation. That we all have endless funds to take on huge renovation projects. That we will be willing to hand over every decision to an eager architect or geometra who can charge huge amounts of money for his efforts while we remain comfortably tucked up in our old home in our country of origin.

To be faced with two people who did not conform to theses stereo types made for confusion and at times alarm. To be fair our Italian was not the best and they spoke little to no English. So they just assumed we were here to look at the scenery from the highest spot possible and that are biggest decision was where to put the pool!!!!.

Unfortunately we had not left London with our pockets laden with gold we were from Wales and on a budget. This was not a holiday – it was to be the rest of our life.

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  1. Chris Owens

    Hello Julia,
    got another machine running now and I’m looking at your site. It looks like you have recovered the pictures okay. The message from Sandra that you have replied to looks like an advertising link – the SEO (search engine optimization) that this points you towards is an America SEO company – if you don’t know Sandra I would be suspicious that this is a spam posting. You don’t have to publish every reply, you do have an option in the wordpress dashboard to delete or remove postings – for instance I wouldn’t publish this one! I’ll try and rig a camera up to this box today and then we could have a skype call.

    1. Julia Gilmour Post author

      Hi Chris I seem to have lost the first page of the site with me in the tomato patch, how do we put it back also I need these pictures to be bigger, they are far too small. Ju


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