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My St Davids Day Bara Brith

Prynhawn da



Today is the 1st of March St Davids Day a very important day in my homeland. Today we proudly wear the  daffodil and sing Welsh songs.

As unfortunately my daffodils are yet to flower and I am possibly the only Welsh person to be tone deaf making a song out of the question. I decided to bake a cake something I love and enjoy doing ( you can read about this at Tea with Mary B. archive August 2016 )

I am making The most important cake in wales. ” Bara Brith”  with maybe a few little adaptions.

My Italian Bara Brith

My Italian Bara Brith

My Bara Brith recipe Meditteranean style.

Bara brith for any one who has not sampled it, is a type of heavy tea bread containing lots of fruit.

apricots, dates and figs

apricots, dates and figs

We slice it, butter it and serve it with tea. Every family has their own recipe usually passed down through the generations. Just like mine but unfortunately out here I could not find the necessary fruit so I changed it a little.  Here are my ingredients

375 gms of dried fruit this was the problem no currants or raisins out here only sultanas. Luckily when I first decided to try this recipe I had received one of those Christmas hampers as a present.

My first Italian Christmas hamper

My first Italian Christmas hamper

It was full of dried figs and dates which we would never eat. So I decided to chop them up and use them to make 375 gms of fruit.

375 gms of dried apricots, sultanas, figs and dates.

300mls of Hot tea preferably English breakfast etc.

200gms of Brown sugar.

All these are placed in a bowl together, I also put the used teabag in to give extra flavour. ( but do remember to remove it before you add the next ingredients)


all in together

Soak over night for at least 24 hrs.

Then after removing tea bag add

1 egg

300gms of self raising flour

Stir and blend ingredients together  – it needs a strong hand.

Place into a greased and lined 1 kg loaf tin

Bake at gas mark 2/130c fan for approx 1 1/2hrs or until skewer comes out clean.

Cool on rack

Slice with butter and a good strong mug of tea



Iechyd da  — ( good health)