In 2013 my husband and I said goodbye to our busy life style in the Uk. We packed our van and drove across europe to our old dilapidated farmhouse in Piemonte to start a new life renovating and creating a special garden with the intention of one day opening as a small bed and breakfast for everyone to enjoy our little bit of paradise.

This blog is all about our adventures. I have written my thoughts as short stories hopefully to give the readers entertainment and an insight of our experiences renovating an old farmhouse in Italy. It may not always be grammatically correct but it is how it flows from my head.

The actual beginning of the trip starts on the first archive  just click onto April 2015,the story slowly unfolds with each following month.  Each story is separate and to read more recent experiences (and comment on them in the blog) please click on each story listed under the “MY STORIES” menu above.

For those interested in the making of the garden the story title always includes something associated with horticulture.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or are considering a simiiar life change I am always happy to help and advise if I can.

We are hoping that our bed and breakfast will be open for bookings as from summer 2018.

you can also read my Facebook pages, “Julia’s garden” or “Casa del Roseto, my Italian dream”

I hope you find pleasure in sharing the experiences of this crazy couple. Thankyou for reading.




9 thoughts on “About..

    1. Julia Gilmour

      We are here with the ongoing project you know what I mean you married one to Margot.
      Happy New Year I will e-mail you in a few days watch this site as I am finally getting it going today.
      Love Ju and ian

  1. Stephen

    Hi Julia,
    I recently bought a home in Calosso; I stayed in Nizza every weekend while I was searching for it.
    I’d love more info on the expat group.
    Thanks very much.

  2. Anna

    I feel I am reading my life story. I moved to le langhe near santo stefano belbo, 13 years ago, when there was no internet. We spent years renovating our home, I leant many new building skills such as dry stone building, reponting and project managed our build . I can relate completely to your stories they bring back good memories. Strange thiat some things have changed but many things have not here. I too have an english italian garden and a similar looking dog. Spooky. It truly is a lovely place to live and I would not live anywhere else.

    1. Julia Gilmour

      I am thrilled that you enjoyed reading my stories i do have many more but have been busy teaching over the last few months. As you no doubt have read, my passion is the garden and in fact it was my profession and the subject i used to teach in the UK. Now I can enjoy as a hobby when i get the time.
      Maybe we could meet and visit each others gardens I am always keen to exchange cuttings etc. At the moment I have collected over 20 different Iris and we counted over 80 different roses I am quite nuts I just love the plants so much. Have you visited the plant show at Castello Masino it was wonderful it was how plant shows used to be in the uk before all the commercialism and razz -m – tazz. Nice hearing from you. We often go to canelli to buy paint and visit the charming little cafe in the corner of the parking square maybe we could meet there.
      Regards Julia

      1. Anna

        Complementi for the wide range of plants you have. I am just an amateur gardener but I am always keen to swop cuttings. Let me know when you are next in Canelli, i know the paint shop well. Al presto

  3. Atosa Nsytrom

    Hi Julia,
    We are about to by a huge restoration farm house Close to Canelli. Could I please have your builders Contact info for a qoute?

    Thank you


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